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The Junior Auxiliary of Columbus is a not-for-profit organization committed to providing for the needs of children in Lowndes County. Our members have been serving the Columbus area for 70 years. Some of the needs may have changed over the past 7 decades, but the legacy for making our community a better place remains the same.  We are able to serve due to the generosity of the community through patron donations, advertisements in our Report to the Community, and our annual Charity Ball.  Thank you for your continued support.

We are very excited about our many projects that meet a need in our community. Our mentoring/tutoring program, JAM, has our members helping children one on one. Interactive projects like In-My-Shoes, Reality Fair, F3, Read to Succeed, Choose Your Path, Stand Up Speak Out, and Choose Kindness are designed for multiple members to expose large groups of children to subject matters they might not have an opportunity to come into contact with. The Junior Auxiliary’s oldest and biggest project is providing school clothes for children so they can go to school feeling confident and prepared for class. As times change, our organization has adapted to the needs of our community.

It is because of your help that Junior Auxiliary is able to achieve our mission statement. By your donations to our Report to the Community and our annual Charity Ball, you provide the funds that support our projects. On behalf of the members of the Junior Auxiliary and the children we serve, please accept many thanks.


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